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Green Cleaning Services in Rochester

North Kent Cleaning is an environmentally-aware commercial cleaning outfit that offers green cleaning services in Rochester. We have embraced this type of eco-friendly cleaning not because it’s fashionable, but because it is the right thing to do for our clients, their employees and the world in general. The term “green cleaning” refers to the environmentally-friendly products we use which typically contain no chlorine, artificial fragrances or harsh chemicals and use recycled and recyclable packaging.


Benefits Provided by Green Cleaning Services in Rochester

Our green cleaning services in Rochester provide an array of benefits, some obvious, some subtle, but all important. Those benefits include:

A healthier work space: Because our green cleaning products do not leave behind any harsh chemical residues or vapours your entire work space is a healthier place for everyone.

No antibacterials: Recent research strongly suggests that our over-dependence on antibacterials is having negative health effects. Green cleaning products do not include antibacterials.

Enhanced brand image: Many eco-conscious consumers want companies that share their values. When they learn your company embraces green cleaning your brand image will enjoy a nifty boost.

No unintended pollution: It is an unfortunate fact that commercial cleaning processes can introduce incompatible chemicals to the environment. Green cleaning services in Rochester won’t do that.

A fresher smelling office: Conventional cleaning products leave behind a variety of harsh chemicals that produce the artificial “just cleaned” smell. Green cleaning products leave behind a fresh, natural odour.

When you take advantage of North Kent Cleaning’s green cleaning services you not only get a more eco-friendly service you also get the benefit of our many years of experience and our total commitment to 100% customer satisfaction.


Get in Touch With North Kent Cleaning

At North Kent Cleaning we have long been at the forefront of innovation in our industry. Today, we are proud to offer our valued customers state-of-the-art, environmentally-responsible green cleaning services in Rochester that will burnish your brand image while making your business a healthier place to work. To learn more about green cleaning or to arrange green cleaning for your business call North Kent Cleaning today on 01634 271 173.

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