Green cleaning services

Eco friendly cleaning

North Kent Cleaning Services can provide your company with eco friendly, green cleaning services. We are one of the few cleaning companies in Kent and Medway to offer an ISO 14001 accredited service

North Kent Cleaning Services have a commitment to better environmental practices within the cleaning industry. From offering advice on office recycling and energy saving light bulbs, to providing a completely environmentally friendly cleaning contract we can help you reduce the carbon footprint of your business.

Eco Friendly Cleaning

We can offer:

  • A free green cleaning audit
  • Environmentally friendly cleaning products
  • Recycled paper and plastic consumables (bags, toilet rolls, etc.)
  • Vacuum cleaners with built in energy saving functions
  • Identification of recycling opportunities, with provision of colour coded bins for easy recycling. (This reduces the number of lifts per week for general waste bins saving you money)
  • A free waste paper and card collection service (saving money on disposal costs)
green cleaning kent

Other services we can offer

  • The use of the latest green technology, i.e Ionators, steam cleaners and microfibre cloths. These all reduce the use of paper, cleaning cloths and cleaning chemicals.
  • The use of recycled paper products
  • Correct dosing of cleaning chemicals to eliminate waste
  • Energy saving light bulbs
  • Information and tips about saving energy and costs in the workplace thus reducing your carbon footprint
  • All of our vehicles are covered by the environment agency issued waste transfer license, allowing us to legally remove waste from sites

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