Food Production and Factory Cleaning

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Food Production and Factory Cleaning

Factory cleaning to companies of all sizes

North Kent Cleaning Services provide a range of Food production area and factory cleaning services to companies of all sizes in Kent and Medway

Here at North Kent Cleaning Services we work closely with established food production companies and have also set up complete cleaning schedules for new start up sites.

We understand the need to clean thoroughly for all food production facilities whether organic or non organic, human consumption or animal feeds. We have a wide range of experience in varying food sectors.

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Tailored to your requirements

We ensure physical, chemical and bacterialogically clean production areas, providing sterile standards if required. The cleaning chemicals and processes we use are tailored to your requirements and site conditions.

All of our staff are trained in the most up to date industry standard cleaning techniques. They are also compliant with all aspects of Health and Safety at work including all COSHH regulations.

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What our cleaning process does

  • Reduction of Food Poisoning Bacteria
  • Removal of material that may sustain pest activity
  • Removal of debris that may supports growth of micro-organisms
  • Reduction of the risks of cross contamination
  • Makes for a safer, more favourable working environment
  • Could prevent damage to machinery (less downtime)
  • Helps in increasing customer confidence
  • Satisfies legal requirements (Food Safety Act 1990)
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High quality cleaning standards reduce

  • Poor quality products
  • Food wastage, production re-runs
  • Taints and other food contamination/Food Poisoning Outbreaks
  • Equipment/production breakdowns
  • Deterioration of floors and drainage systems
  • Customer Complaints/Loss of reputation of the Company
  • Reduction of Product Shelf Life

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