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North Kent Cleaning Services (NKCS) is a commercial cleaning company working in the commercial market.

We recognise that our activities have an impact on the environment in terms of the use of raw materials, emissions to the air and water and waste generation, and seek to minimise this as far as is reasonably practicable.

NKCS has been an ISO14001:2004 accredited company since 2011 and as such has made a commitment to:

  • Continual improvement in its environmental performance
  • Preventing pollution
  • Compliance with all environmental legislation, regulations and codes of practice relevant to the industry sector in which its services are being employed.

NKCS has put in place a policy for the following:

Natural resources

To make efficient use of natural resources by conserving energy and water, minimising waste, and recycling where possible.

To work with staff and clients to maximise energy efficiency during setup and operation of all NKCS sites.

To reduce energy consumption throughout its head office and client sites.


To meet its duty of care requirements in relation to waste by ensuring safekeeping, transportation and subsequent recovery or disposal of waste.

To promote waste minimisation at its head office and client sites.


To understand and observe the principles and practices of the waste hierarchy, and to adopt the three highest levels of the hierarchy: reduce, re-use, recycle. Wherever possible we seek to reduce the amount of waste we generate, for example through regular maintenance and servicing of equipment, and the implementation of more efficient cleaning systems that use fewer consumables, fewer disposable materials and less water.

To extend the lifecycle of equipment as much as possible (without detriment to its efficiency), through the recovery and reuse of spare parts, and to implement cleaning systems, like the microfibre system, which comprises reusable (not disposable) products.

To recycle as close to 100% of all waste as possible from our head office.

To ensure that all disposal, when it becomes the only option available, is done so responsibly and with the minimum impact on the environment.

To encourage all sites to employ a recycling scheme, if not doing so already.


To keep journeys to a minimum and regularly service vehicles to maintain their efficiency.

To promote, wherever possible, the philosophy of car sharing. Each operative is issued with a car user’s info sheet, which provides instruction on how to achieve the best fuel efficiency through improved driving techniques.

To plan all journeys that staff make to ensure the shortest, most fuel efficient route is taken.

To, where possible, encourage staff to use public transport, walk or cycle to work.

To encourage office staff to work from home when practical.

Supply chain

To work with suppliers to ensure they recognise and reduce the environmental impact of their products and transportation. We do this by using ISO 14001 accredited suppliers.

To ensure suppliers verify green claims about products.To further reduce our

impact on the environment, NKCS will source local suppliers and sub-contractors wherever possible

Communication and review

We will communicate this policy to all of our employees and ensure they are given appropriate training to raise awareness of environmental issues.

NKCS will review this policy on an annual basis, taking account of any changes within legislation and our organisation, and other factors, and notify staff of any updates/changes.

NKCS will make this policy available when requested to interested parties, including clients and members of the public.


Nick Keily – Managing Director
Date: 4th May 2015

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