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Commercial Office Cleaning Services in Canterbury

Office cleaning should be part of every commercial property maintenance plan. As a business owner, you want to be sure that your staff loves what they do and where they work. This is possible through maintaining a clean and safe workplace.

When you need a complete and hassle-free solution to your commercial office cleaning needs in Canterbury, give North Kent Cleaning Services a call.

commercial office cleaning in canterbury

Why You Need Professional Office Cleaning

On the surface, it may seem that the main reasons to hire a commercial cleaning company like North Kent Cleaning are that they will take out your rubbish and keep the washroom clean. But the benefits of a professional cleaning service go well beyond that and have implications that resonate with the very heart of your enterprise. Here are just some of the reasons to give North Kent Cleaning a call today:

Increased Productivity – Studies indicate that office workers who are happy with their workplace actually work harder and are more loyal to the companies that employ them. The takeaway here is that productivity is about more than training. To a very real extent, it is the result of employees feeling a company cares enough about them to maintain a spotless work environment.

A Safer Work Environment – A dirty or untidy office is a potential breeding ground for accidents, and it only takes a couple of lawsuits from aggrieved employees or visitors to bring a company down. The best way to ensure the safety of everyone who enters your office, and to prevent a legal backlash from accidents, is to have North Kent Cleaning conduct a high-quality cleaning of your office on a regular basis.

Fewer Sick Days – As a species, we have never been more aware of the microbial dangers that lurk on surfaces in the home and office, or the need for the deep clean. As a company, you can choose to ignore the issue of transmissible viruses and accept the lost profits resulting from staff constantly calling in sick. Or you can opt for professional cleaning, dramatically reduced sick days, and an improved bottom line.

Making a Good Impression – Fair or not prospective employees put a lot of stake in what they see when they go to your office to interview. The same is true for prospective clients. If the office is untidy and poorly maintained you stand a good chance of losing potentially valuable team members as well as all-important clients. While the cost may not be immediately apparent, you will feel the negative effects in the long run.

The Return of Your Storage Space – If you currently handle office cleaning in-house then you must have valuable space set aside to keep the equipment, related materials and various cleansers. When you enlist our office cleaning services in Canterbury, you get that storage space back to use for more important things.

A Service You Can Trust – It’s an unfortunate reality that some cleaning companies are not careful about who they add to their cleaning staffs. As a result, the theft of expensive equipment is an all-too-common occurrence. You will never have that problem when you enlist the services of North Kent Cleaning. Every member of our cleaning staff is rigorously vetted and trained, and you can expect a hassle-free service from Day 1.

North Kent Cleaning provide comprehensive, highest quality cleaning services in Canterbury and the surrounding areas. Working in partnership with our clients we determine their precise needs and then formulate a schedule that accommodates both their cleaning needs and the logistical needs of their business. That’s a fancy way of saying we don’t get in your way while you’re working.

If you are ready to experience the difference true professional cleaning makes, give us a call and ask for a free quote. While you have us on the phone ask about our full range of other services including our Corona Virus Deep Clean, Window Cleaning, Medical Cleaning, Car Showroom Cleaning, Industrial Cleaning, Green Cleaning and more. Whatever your particular need, North Kent Cleaning have you covered.

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canterbury commercial office cleaning

We Care About Your Property

North Kent Cleaning Services has gained a name for providing the highest quality of service, having cleaned 1,000s of offices in Kent and Medway for the last 17 years. Our team of friendly and professional cleaners performs every job with utmost care and respect. We will leave your office clean, tidy and organised, not damaged.

commercial office cleaners in canterbury

Why Hire Our Services?

We are proud to be an Achilles registered company, as well as a member of the Medway Fair Traders Scheme. Our well-trained and insured teams use the latest cleaning techniques and equipment to ensure the highest quality of work and the best result for our clients. We have also achieved the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 accreditation due to our strong commitment to excellence.

We use environmentally friendly cleaning methods and materials to help reduce carbon footprint and protect everyone in your building from potential health problems. We make sure our service is reliable and consistent, because your total satisfaction is our priority.

Work with a team that has a genuine concern for your business. Call us for enquiries on our commercial office cleaning service in Canterbury.

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Do you require a commercial office cleaning service in Canterbury?

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