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Green Cleaning Services in Gillingham

Green cleaning means that the cleaning service is using products that are both environmentally safe and safe for the people performing the work. As a general rule, this means products that:

  • Contain no chlorine
  • Contain no artificial fragrances
  • Use recycled and recyclable packaging
  • Contain no harmful chemical additives

Businesses typically make the move to green cleaning as part of their larger corporate social responsibility efforts. When they want to know things will be done right they opt for North Kent Cleaning green cleaning services in Gillingham.


The Benefits of Using Green Cleaning Services in Gillingham

Green cleaning produces a host of benefits including, but not necessarily limited to:

A healthier work environment: A business cleaned using green products is healthier for everyone who works there or visits. The work environment will no longer be a hotbed of chemicals that can cause eye, nose and throat irritation or aggravate respiratory conditions.

A better smelling environment: There’s nothing quite like the smell of a newly cleaned office. The problem is that distinctive smell is caused by the chemical additives in conventional cleaning products. When you opt for green cleaning services in Gillingham your office will have a pleasant, natural smell.

A break from antibacterials: During the past few years antibacterial cleaning products have become all the rage. The problem is overuse of antibacterials can breed supermicrobes. Antibacterials can also cause adverse effects to the thyroid system. Green cleaning products don’t contain antibacterials.

Less harm to the outdoor environment: Not all the chemical additives in standard cleaning products are left behind in the office. A lot of them find their way into the outdoor environment when the cleaner empties their bucket or cleans their mop. With green products, the natural world gets a well-deserved break from this type of incidental pollution.


For Expert Green Cleaning Services in Gillingham Trust North Kent Cleaning

At North Kent Cleaning we are committed to helping our customers reduce the impact standard cleaning methods can have on both the internal and external environment. To learn more or to order green cleaning services for your Gillingham business contact North Kent Cleaning today on 01634 271 173.

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