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A Higher Level of Office Cleaning in Broadstairs

Broadstairs is thought of primarily as a seaside resort, and it is certainly that. But it’s also a thriving economic centre with numerous industrial estates, office buildings, and small, privately run companies dotting the landscape. Keeping all these offices clean in a place like this, where everything is permeated with sand and salty spray, is not an easy task. You need a company with plenty of experience, well-trained staff, and the right equipment. You need North Kent Cleaning Services.

commercial office cleaning in broadstairs

Effective Office Cleaning in Broadstairs

Visitors to Broadstairs bask in the sea breezes and love to walk barefoot in the sand along Viking Bay. Business owners, on the other hand, know that sand dragged in from outdoors can scratch their floors and muck up their carpeting, and that salty air can have a negative effect on office furniture. High humidity near the shore can also have a corrosive effect on electronics and electrical fixtures. If their cleaning company does not understand these issues, the office will never be properly cleaned. But this is our home turf. We know every potential problem that faces business owners in seaside locations and have years of experience dealing with them.

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broadstairs commercial office cleaning

A Higher Level of Customer Service

Office cleaning in Broadstairs requires more than a Hoover and a mop. It takes experience, an eye for detail and an awareness of the insidious effects of salt, sand and sea. We go to great pains to train every member of our team in the vagaries of proper office cleaning and maintenance. In addition, they always present a professional appearance and carry themselves in a professional manner. We pride ourselves on going the extra mile for our clients, so if your office operates on a non-traditional schedule we will do our utmost to accommodate you.

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At North Kent Cleaning Services we understand that not all offices are the same or need the same level or type of cleaning, so we work closely with you to fashion a cleaning regimen that suits your needs. Don’t settle for less when it comes to your office cleaning company. Contact North Kent Cleaning Services on 01634 271 173 today.

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