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Here at North Kent Cleaning Services, our deep cleaning is an essential service that delivers the highest standard of cleanliness and sanitisation. Regardless of whether you’re a homeowner or a business owner in Sevenoaks, you can trust that our government-approved approach will eliminate harmful bacteria and germs for a safer environment.

In fact, we follow strict guidelines and adhere to government regulations regarding what’s approved for preventing the spreading of COVID-19 in homes or offices. And one of the single best ways you can combat COVID in your property is to schedule routine deep cleanings.

Deep Cleaning Services in Sevenoaks


At North Kent Cleaning Services, we go above and beyond to ensure that we are in compliance with government-approved chemicals and PPE. As such, our service technicians protect themselves with the following gear at all times:

● Protective goggles
● Shoe coverings
● N95 masks
● Gloves
● Suits

Once we are adequately equipped, we employ the use of biocidal cleaning detergent, bactericidal and virucidal agents, superheated steam. We use a combination of approaches on the various surfaces throughout your home or office.

And on upholstery and carpeting, we perform a hot water extraction process that lifts and removes bacteria and germs hiding deep in the fibres. We also target areas that are more likely to see a lot of traffic and touching, including light switches, doorknobs and handles, desks, computers, and more.

It’s this approach that makes out services so effective. We are careful not to overlook anything that could result in spreading. Our deep cleaning is an invaluable resource that you should seriously consider. Business owners especially have to worry about an influx of traffic in work environments.

Therefore, we recommend that you schedule regular deep cleanings as soon as possible. In doing so, you will give your staff and clients a safer and healthier workplace.

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Sevenoaks Deep Cleaning Services


Homeowners in Sevenoaks should also take precautions to prevent the spreading of various viruses in their homes. When you call on the experts at North Kent Cleaning Services, you can trust that you will receive experienced, knowledgeable care as we work to eliminate threats from within your residence.

We urge everyone not to wait until there’s been an outbreak in your area. Act now and schedule your deep cleaning today to reduce the risk of transmission. So call North Kent Cleaning Services so we can give you peace of mind for a safer living space.

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