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Deep cleaning is an essential service that ensures the highest level of cleanliness. Whether residential or commercial, you can count on us to eliminate harmful bacteria and germs to give you a safe and healthy environment.

Here at North Kent Cleaning Services, we excel at taking cleaning to the next level. We strive to give our clients peace of mind, especially during the challenging times we live in. Now more than ever, it’s important to take steps to prevent potential outbreaks of COVID-19 and other illnesses.

One of the single best ways of doing just that is to schedule a deep cleaning. If you’re a business owner, it’s imperative that you provide both your employees and customers with a safe and healthy workplace. Perhaps more so in businesses, there is a greater risk of contamination to consider.

As such, it’s important to schedule regular deep cleanings to prevent the potential spreading of COVID-19. When you call on us for our deep cleaning expertise, we use cleaning products and procedures and adhere to government guidelines for infection control.

That means our service technicians wear PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and gear throughout our time servicing your place of business. And we employ expert cleaning techniques and equipment for maximum effectiveness.

deep cleaning in medway


We use both bactericidal and virucidal agents and focus on your office’s high-traffic and high-touch areas for superior sanitisation.

Carpeting and upholstery also receive deep cleaning, as we utilise a superheated steam and hot water extraction system that works to get deep into fibres. In doing so, we can effectively lift and eliminate harmful bacteria and viruses that love to thrive in those places.

Combined with the use of biocidal detergent, you can trust that your office is getting the most powerful deep clean available.

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deep cleaning in medway


It’s equally important to make sure that your home is a safe place for your pets and family. When you secure our services to deep clean your home, we provide the same comprehensive cleaning process throughout your residence as we do in businesses.

Our technicians target areas that are more prone to contact and contamination, like light switches, countertops, and doorknobs. We get down deep into carpet fibres and lift germs from upholstery. Your health and safety are most important to us. Thus, we adhere to a strict cleaning process that ensures the highest level of cleanliness.

To schedule your deep cleaning, whether for your home or business, call North Kent Cleaning Services today.

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