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Trust NKCS for Your Commercial Window Cleaning

More than 25 years of experience in the window cleaning industry – and we’re still standing. Even throughout a global pandemic, we are still here. Hopefully, that’s enough to convince you that we are a legitimate, trustworthy and dedicated company.

We’re so confident, in fact, that we’d go as far as to say we are the commercial window cleaner of choice in Orpington and the surrounding areas. How so, you ask? Because, quite simply, we employ the very best people, train them well and ensure they have the highest possible standards.

Let us explain how we feel we’re different to our competitors, and why you should bring us in to take care of your window cleaning needs.


How We Are Different

We’ve already mentioned the global pandemic. Right across the world, COVID-19 has taught us just how important health and safety is. Importantly, it’s taught us more about how we need to look out for each other and protect our employees.

We’re extremely proud to say that we ensure all our window cleaners are trained in COSHH – the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health. You’re probably wondering what this means. Essentially, it means they are all trained to manage a wide range of chemicals and keep themselves, and those around them, safe at work.

We’re also proud to say we employ a dedicated NEBOSH officer, and that we have obtained ISO 14001 registration and ISO 9001 accreditation. Collectively, this shows our commitment to safety, efficiency and high standards in everything we do.

The impact this has on you, as our customer, is hugely positive. We hope these things give you assurances that we are a safe employer that provides the best possible service.

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Why You Should Choose Us

Our staff and our management team have over two decades’ worth of experience. That’s over 20 years of growth, learning, development and, importantly, reputation building. We are hugely passionate about our work and see what we do as a profession, not just a job.

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Looking for a commercial window cleaner that provides a first-class service at competitive prices? Give us a call on 01634 271 173 or fill out our contact form. We can’t wait to hear from you!