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If your office is looking untidy and unkempt, you’re in need of professional commercial cleaning services. That’s why you should contact North Kent Cleaning Services to get your office cleaned. Our fully trained cleaning professionals are dedicated to getting your office cleaned so you can welcome customers and clients to your spick and span office.



We have been bringing our cleaning service to Meopham for decades, and we can’t wait to bring our service to you. Our professional team are fully insured to clean your office site and we prioritise safety before anything else.

When you choose us to clean your office, you are investing in our qualifications and certificates that ensure safe cleaning that complies with the environment. Our team is equipped with Control of Substances Hazardous to Health certification (COSHH). This means that our team understands the requirements of safe commercial cleaning.

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Offices need to be cleaned on a regular basis, so it’s essential that you sort out a cleaning schedule so you can stay on top of it. Our cleaning service means that you can arrange a cleaning schedule. Whether you need your office cleaned every day, week or month, our efficient cleaning professionals are on it.

What’s more, our commercial office cleaners will provide cleaning services for different areas of your office. This included windows and carpets.

Carpet Cleaning (H3)

Office carpets are typically dirty and can accumulate mess. After all, there usually isn’t a shoes-off policy in offices. That’s why we offer carpet cleaning services for all offices in Meopham. Our insured cleaners use the best equipment to clean your carpet to perfection.

Window Cleaning (H3)

Like carpets, windows can accumulate dirt which doesn’t send out a great image to customers and clients. That’s why we offer a window cleaning service to businesses in Meopham. Our reliable team are dedicated to getting your windows clean and brand new.

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Do you require a commercial office cleaning service in Meopham?

When you choose us, you are guaranteed to have a clean office because our staff do more than just superficial cleaning. If you are interested in our cleaning service, please do not hesitate to contact us.